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Stuffed Panda Bear

BIG soft floppy plush! One of the Aurora Super Flopsies. 28 Inches Long.

Price: $59.95


Bennington Plush Bear

Knit sweater scarf and cap, premium quality and detail. Large Bennington Sr. 13 Inches Tall.

Price: $42.50


Gund Holiday Collection

A soft plush bear with a velvet scarf and cap. His functional gift box opens to measure 3 long by 2 wide by 1½ deep. 10 Inches Sitting, 14 Inches Long.

Price: $32.50


Soft Plush Polar Bear

Soft plush polar bear and baby with knit hat and scarf.

Price: $25.50




Stuffed Polar Bear

From the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection. Highly detailed design, realistic features, quality fabric, ultra-plush stuffing. 28 Inches Long.

Price: $63.95


Stuffed Polar Bear

Best Friends Fur-Ever. Remember your best friend with these inseparable plush Polar Bears from Fiesta. 7 Inches Tall.

Price: $18.50


Stuffed Bear

Hooray for Grizz the All-American Bear from Jaag Plush! He is proud to be 100% U.S. made with soft plush and embroidered eyes.

Price: $43.95


Hanukkah Bear

A soft plush mini bear. Includes a platform gift box (not pictured).

Price: $12.50



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Stuffed Peacock

Soft plush stuffed peacocks from Aurora. 12 Inches High.

Price: $13.95


Stuffed Stork

Delivering a cute little baby bear in pink from Aurora. 11 Inches High.

Price: $18.95


Stuffed Owl

Soft and luxurious, an award winner from Folkmanis Puppets. 21 Inch Wingspan.

Price: $31.95


Stuffed Macaw

A big parrot of the finest quality from Folkmanis Puppets. 25 Inches Long.

Price: $37.95




Stuffed Barn Owl

Remarkable plush detail. Soft and colorful. From Folkmanis Puppets.

Price: $26.95


Stuffed Great Horned Owl

Remarkable plush detail. Soft and colorful. Eyes blink and head rotates.

Price: $49.95


Stuffed Stork for Boy

A premium quality soft plush stork and baby bear from GUND. 12 Inches Tall.

Price: $25.95


Stuffed Toucan

A festive plush tropical toucan from Fiesta. 9 Inches Tall. 14 Inches Long.

Price: $15.95



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Stuffed Ant

A fun life-like stuffed red ant from Sunny & Co. that doubles as a hand puppet. 12 Inches Long.

Price: $19.95


Stuffed Butterfly

A unique plush creation from Folkmanis Puppets, this stuffed monarch butterfly comes alive in your hands.

Price: $18.50


Stuffed Spider

This wonderful spider comes alive as a hand puppet. Complete with a red hour-glass on his belly.

Price: $28.95


Stuffed Scorpion

Poseable lifelike plush scorpions in two colors from Fiesta Toy. 16 Inches Long.

Price: $18.50




Stuffed Firefly

A unique plush creation from Folkmanis, this mini stuffed firefly finger puppet comes alive in your hands.

Price: $12.50


Stuffed Tarantula

A big lifelike stuffed tarantula from Sunny & Co. that doubles as a hand puppet.

Price: $34.95


Stuffed Republic Scorpion

Highly detailed design and quality fabric from the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection.

Price: $16.50


Stuffed Jumping Spider

A Jumping Spider of European style quality from Hansa. Toys that teach.

Price: $41.95



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