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Discover our diverse and extensive collection of discount children’s toys online. We are proud to provide a huge amount of discount stuffed animals at the lowest prices possible. With our discount children’s toys online, you won’t have to worry about the price tag on the toys your kids are asking for. Our collection includes a variety of takes on the classic teddy bear as well as a number of other unique discount stuffed animals. We offer many stuffed bird toys, such as a stork and peacock, that are soft and adorable. We also provide some spooky critters, such as spiders and scorpions. When it comes to discount stuffed animals, Gingers Discount Store has you covered.



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Stuffed Panda Bear

BIG soft floppy plush! One of the Aurora Super Flopsies. 28 Inches Long.

Price: $59.95


Bennington Plush Bear

Knit sweater scarf and cap, premium quality and detail. Large Bennington Sr. 13 Inches Tall.

Price: $42.50


Gund Holiday Collection

A soft plush bear with a velvet scarf and cap. His functional gift box opens to measure 3 long by 2 wide by 1½ deep. 10 Inches Sitting, 14 Inches Long.

Price: $32.50


Soft Plush Polar Bear

Soft plush polar bear and baby with knit hat and scarf.

Price: $25.50




Stuffed Polar Bear

From the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection. Highly detailed design, realistic features, quality fabric, ultra-plush stuffing. 28 Inches Long.

Price: $63.95


Stuffed Polar Bear

Best Friends Fur-Ever. Remember your best friend with these inseparable plush Polar Bears from Fiesta. 7 Inches Tall.

Price: $18.50


Stuffed Bear

Hooray for Grizz the All-American Bear from Jaag Plush! He is proud to be 100% U.S. made with soft plush and embroidered eyes.

Price: $43.95


Stuffed Bear

Soft sitting polar bear cub with knit hat and scarf from Russ Berrie.

Price: $29.50



Lots more teddies to choose from




Stuffed Peacock

Soft plush stuffed peacocks from Aurora. 12 Inches High.

Price: $13.95


Stuffed Stork

Delivering a cute little baby bear in pink from Aurora. 11 Inches High.

Price: $18.95


Stuffed Owl

Soft and luxurious, an award winner from Folkmanis Puppets. 21 Inch Wingspan.

Price: $31.95


Stuffed Macaw

A big parrot of the finest quality from Folkmanis Puppets. 25 Inches Long.

Price: $37.95




Stuffed Barn Owl

Remarkable plush detail. Soft and colorful. From Folkmanis Puppets.

Price: $26.95


Stuffed Great Horned Owl

Remarkable plush detail. Soft and colorful. Eyes blink and head rotates.

Price: $49.95


Stuffed Stork for Boy

A premium quality soft plush stork and baby bear from GUND. 12 Inches Tall.

Price: $25.95


Stuffed Toucan

A festive plush tropical toucan from Fiesta. 9 Inches Tall. 14 Inches Long.

Price: $15.95



Lots more birds to choose from




Stuffed Ant

A fun life-like stuffed red ant from Sunny & Co. that doubles as a hand puppet. 12 Inches Long.

Price: $19.95


Stuffed Butterfly

A unique plush creation from Folkmanis Puppets, this stuffed monarch butterfly comes alive in your hands.

Price: $18.50


Stuffed Spider

This wonderful spider comes alive as a hand puppet. Complete with a red hour-glass on his belly.

Price: $28.95


Stuffed Scorpion

Poseable lifelike plush scorpions in two colors from Fiesta Toy. 16 Inches Long.

Price: $18.50




Stuffed Firefly

A unique plush creation from Folkmanis, this mini stuffed firefly finger puppet comes alive in your hands.

Price: $12.50


Stuffed Tarantula

A big lifelike stuffed tarantula from Sunny & Co. that doubles as a hand puppet.

Price: $34.95


Stuffed Republic Scorpion

Highly detailed design and quality fabric from the Wild Republic Cuddlekins Collection.

Price: $16.50


Stuffed Jumping Spider

A Jumping Spider of European style quality from Hansa. Toys that teach.

Price: $41.95



Lots more bugs to choose from